Nov. 10st 2006
          I just received an order of Amsoil products to change the Dealer fluids over to Synthetic fluids. I am also an Amsoil Dealer. If you wish you can order products through myself by visiting here! If you wish not to go the online route, visit my contacts page to the left. To update on the battery gauge; it seems to raise faster now that I've put on a few more miles and started the engine a good 100 times. Winter is here and I'm back to my weekly work/errand schedule - no more holidays or out of town excursions. As such, my mileage is now a steady 12.5mpg with 80% city driving.
Oct. 18st 2006
          It has me baffled! Since the new battery installation, the batt. guage on the dash takes a good while to get up to 14.4V. WIth the old battery it would jump right up past 14V after start up. When I start up the D, the engine cranks, starts, and then the battery guage begins to climb at 10V...12 seconds later it finally arrives at 14.4 volts. I'm still trying different things to try and diagnose the problem. I connected another battery (80CCA lower) and the battery gauge was still slow to climb. I hate gremlins.
Sept. 1st 2006
          Well. I completed another highway leg (50-55mph), and achieved 17.9mpg as the trip average. The trip included a mere two stops briefly at red lights. Now that my wedding is all over with, the moving is done, I racked up nearly 8000kms on my Durango in 6 weeks! Plus an additional 2120kms on my Spirit during the same time frame. I have to commend my durango on how great it moves items around. With a mere 88cubic feet with the rear seats folded down, it seems like it held a lot more. I'm also in the market for a new trailer (cargo this time!).
August 13th 2006
          Fuel economy has dropped now that I sorted out an electrical problem. For two days it was getting harder and harder to start until it didn't start one afternoon! Got it to the shop the next day, and was told that the battery was kaput. Now instead of my volt gauge jumping right up to 14V, it slowly makes its way from 9V to 14V. Takes 15-20 seconds to get to 14V. It's going back in for another diagnostic as I believe there is a huge current draw somewhere in the syetem, or the alternator's pooched! Always something...!
July 9rd 2006
          Just took the Durango on three, two and a half hour long, highway runs. I believe my durango is finally broken in at 106 000kms. After the first trip, I recorded the MPG of the remaining two trips to be certain of my findings. Low and behold I achieved 17.0MPG steady crusing at 90km/h (55mph)! That's including two drive-thru coffee stops and a few red lights along the highway. I was transporting furniture on each return trip. Cargo weight was no more than 350lbs for each trip.
July 4rd 2006
          Took the Durango in for some work today. I assumed the worst and thought my steering rack was leaking. It turned out to be a cracked power steering hose at the base of my pump/reservoir. This was the first repair I've made on the truck since I bought it two years ago; outside of regular maintenance. The Spirit seems to be running fine, took it on a 3 hour trip and had NO tranny problems. As much as I'd love for cars to fix themselves, it has me guessing at what was going on during the past few months. I'm sure it'll arise soon enough.
April 26rd 2006
          My wonderful, highly acclaimed, Dodge Spirit seems to be having some front end problems. Namely, the CV joints / transmission. It's the original tranny! Odo passed 143,271kms (89,043miles) today. The suspension is getting rather firm, so I suspect the shocks and struts will need replacing - when the tranny dies, to save myself a service visit. Ha. If my financial status was a bit better I would do the 2.5L 4V diesel engine swap and get a new tranny to mate up. I hate waiting.
March 3rd 2006
          Turns out the front rotors and pads were ok on the D. BOTH rear drums were leaking fluid. Needless to say the cylinders were replaced and new linings were installed. The fluid loss was very minimal as I added no brake fluid since I purchased the truck! Fluid still looks brown but I'll change it out next year along with the power steering fluid. The dealer couldn't find any codes as I told the service dept. that after 3+ hours driving on the highway the transmission wants to upshift for a few seconds while in cruise - and on straight flat roads! I priced a TPS sensor and guess that it would be the most probable cause of the problem. I'll soon find out when I get the replacement!
January 24st 2006
          Well, it's time for new rotors and pads on the front of the durango. Parts have been ordered and I'm awaiting a 'nice' day so I can do the installation. After one and a half years since being re-painted, my Spirit has sprouted a rust spot under the right corner of the chrome trunk rack! Ack. The front pads on the spirit will also be replaced once I get a 'nice' day (-5C or better!).

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