December 24th 2011
          Rusty bumper syndrome is getting worse. I can see an area in the corner of the front bumper where paint, and metal, used to be. I might remove the bumper in the spring and attempt to refinish it properly if time allows. I estimate a hundred dollars in supplies and a few days worth of work. As I only managed to add a small amount of oil earlier this month due to my own foolishness, I added a half quart yesterday which brough the oil up just below the FULL mark on the dipstick. Turned out my spare tire has a nail in it also, which is why it was losing air. One tire repaired, remounted, and rebalanced. One to go!
December 10th 2011
          Compressor bought! Sears comes through again with a half price sale. Now I can save $8 a month from having to 'purchase' air. Turns out I have a well blended in rusty nail in my spare tire that I'm using on the rear passenger side until I can get some time to reseal that tire so I can put the spare tire back after getting the nail puncture fixed. I added a half a quart of oil...to the ground. I was running late for class and the sun has been down for half an hour when I remembered to add oil. Well, I now know better than to try to add oil in the dark, or at least plug in the under hood lamp. I only managed to get maybe 1/4 of that half quart in the engine. The rest ran down the valve cover and the back of the block. The smell was bearable for the first five minutes of my drive to the airport. After that, I had to crack the windows and chew on a wad of gum to help quell the burning oil smell.
October 10th 2011
          I'm on the hunt for an air compressor. I've had the spare tire remounted twice and it still manages to seep air out. I have to fill it up by nearly 20psi once a week. Cost of air for a few minutes of use is $1!
August 8th 2011
          The new spare tire is mounted. However, the trailer tongue did throw the wheel ever so slightly off balance. I had to add additional weights to the rim although it's still not perfectly balanced due to some bead damage. Still, it holds air and the tire is 99% new, for $30! OK, fine, it also cost $17 to install and balance. So, $47 all in! I ended up replacing the TPS, as it was starting to get a bit antsy around town. The D is back to it's usual abused, overworked, underrun, self.
July 24th 2011
          The squeak is coming from the forward spring bushing where it attaches to the frame on the passenger side, only. I also noticed some fast idling a few times and decided to clean the IAC. I'm glad I did, it was 125% black with carbon build up. I lost another BFG Tire so I'm the hunt for a new spare. The tire that blew still had 40% tread life remaining! Arg!
July 15st 2011
          87 octane tune has been reinstalled. After trailering up a long steady hill and during a few other instances there was quite a bit of engine knock under heavy throttle. An annoying squeaking noise from the rear has also developed at slow speeds with ANY change in elevation. I'll bet it's the sway bar bushings but I'll have to check later on to know for certain.
July 1st 2011
          I installed the 91 octane tune now, down from the 93 to save on purchasing 94 octane. There has been no noticeable loss in performance. 94 is also only available at Petro Canada stations which made driving out of town difficult, as 91 is available nearly anywhere.
June 18th 2011
          Sway bar bushings aren't as squeaky now that I've thrown on some Amsoil HD spray. I got where I could between the leaf springs as well. Tank two now of the 94 octane with the 93 SCT tune and mileage is decent even with the added increased performance. Spare tire was flat again. I removed it, cleaned it up a bit and left it off as the Durango will be operating primarily around the city for the summer months. Saves me 45lbs of unsprung weight! I'd still like to remove the A/C evap in the roof as it's no longer connected.
June 5th 2011
          Mileage is up. 93 SCT Octane tune installed! The only downside is that Petro Canada is the only one who sells 94 octane. At least there is a station under a block away! The engine loafs over a mere 1500rpm at 80km/h. Midrange is much improved with the 93 tune. Last year I only ran the 89 tune on 91 octane as the engine would ping slightly when underload with the 91 tune running 91 octane. This only occurred when hauling the trailer. I haven't hitched up yet with the 93 tune installed. An oil change is also slated for today along with a quick interior clean and an underbody inspection. Sway bar bushings are getting squeaky!
April 30th 2011
          It's official. Premium, 91 octane, is now over $1.50/L and I'm going to re-tune the D to run on it from its current 87 octane. 87 octane tune seems to remap the transmission (although it can't as it's not electronic, so it's weird!) and fuel economy is worse. Extra $15 every week or two for hi test fuel is looking to be worth while once again now that the snow is toast!
January 20th 2011
          I managed to get the SCT 87 octane tune installed, and running on yes, you guessed it, 87 octane. So far, there's NO engine knock at most speeds. I have yet to ring the Durango through it's usual paces due to inclement weather conditions.
January 14th 2011
          A new year has begun. Maintenance over the last six months has been very minimal! One thing however that I'm starting to notice more and more, is how annoying my sloppy steering is getting to be. It's true, I think it's time I take it in for an estimate. I only fear that I'll be told I'll require a new rack.
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