December 15th
          My Durango R/T is officially getting traded in this Thursday for a 2011 Ram 4x4 Quad Cab short box in silver. Durango is essentially good for scrap due to the high amount of work needed to get it safetied. I removed the SCT tune and cold air intake which I replaced with the stock setup.
December 14th
          I pulled my SCT 87 octane tune off tonight, and went back to the stock program. With multiple issues ahead of me, I've come to the conclusion to let the Durango go. I'm slated to pick up a 2011 Ram 1500 Quad Cab 4x4 SXT (silver) tomorrow. I knowingly won't get much for the Durango, but it is still driveable.

          Currently the Durango needs the following work/maintenance: front and rear sway bar bushings, rear springs replaced with new bushings, new front centre and lower bumper, left headlight, new headlamp housings, valve seats on #7 cylinder - the engine is consuming roughly half a quart of oil every 400kms now, rear axle seal, exhaust manifold, Y pipe, cat converter, and an ongoing P0505 that I've spent $300 on parts already and the code keeps coming back even after testing the wiring to the sensors so I assume the computer is the cause. The ABS control module failed two years ago and also needs to be replaced. I estimate the total repair bill at $4000 with labour, if not more as other things tend to break when fixing something else.

          All told, it's been a fantastic decade and I hate to put the Durango to pasture as the interior is still in fantastic shape, but I must say goodbye. It was a great towing, hauling, trail, do anything rig that won't be forgotten!

December 2nd
          I've given up on the PO505 code and finding a solution. I've spent countless hours trying to figure out the high idle situation and will be taking my beast into the shop for them to sort out. At this point it'll be a small price to pay for the time I'll be wasting tryint to figure it out without success! Otherwise, fuel is coming down and I might (might) throw on the SCT 93 octane tune and run some 94 octane fuel just to change things up a bit once the high idle is corrected!
August 17th
          PO505 is back! After a new IAC, and another new IAC, and two throttle body cleanings I'm unsure what to check next. The high idle is better after the second TB cleaning and Mopar IAC, but it's still an annoyance. Idle will occasionally hover between 800-1000rpm, and often enough if I'm cruising around 35mph with overdrive on, it will idle at least at 1200, and slowly increase my speed to 40mph/70km/h. If I lock overdrive off, the torque converter cuts on/off sporatically. I'll try to pinpoint things further this month as it has been a busy summer!
April 23rd
          Just as I had suspected. The IAC I purchased from CarQuest last year, albeit it only cost me $70, didn't even last a year before it threw code P0505. I had a rough idea that the sensor was to blame. I bit the bullet and picked up a MOPAR IAC from the dealer for a cool $147.92 with tax. I took out the old sensor and compared it to the Mopar unit. The CarQuest IAC is chamfered all the way to the base of the brass end. The Mopar unit has a lip at the base of the brass end to form a better seal within the throttle body. After installation of the Mopar IAC, I started the engine and it raced up to 2000rpm, and within seconds it was idling at the usual ~700rpm and the engine light went away. With any luck I should get getting my usual 14-16mpg again instead of this 10-12mpg due to the high idling issue.
April 18thPart 2 2014
          I installed the exhaust flange bolt and now I can listen to the radio at a reasonable volume. The resonance is gone once again so I'm quite pleased that sound levels are back to normal. I didn't realize how loud my winter tire (yes, only one) is on the highway. It will soon come off and get replaced with a well worn all season GoodYear HP tire. I'll knowingly replace the IAC and TPS. I cleaned the throttle body today as well (without breaking anything this time!) and it was carboned up but I still get a hesitant high idle at various times that is rather annoying, especially when it idles fast while I try to brake.
April 18th 2014
          One of the vacuum lines I had to fab a fix for myself as it's a part that's no longer serviced through Mopar. The line in question is a hard line going from the back of the engine to the throttle body. I replaced the elbow in the passenger side valve cover which took some coaxing as the rubber seal had hardened although I managed to reuse it. There is still the occasional fast idle present. I'll replace the TPS sensor after the long weekend. I don't believe it's the issue. I think the IAC is the issue as I got one in a hurry at CarQuest this winter and the electrical connector doesn't seem to fit/secure 100%. With the vac lines repaired I might clean thet throttle body anyway and check the IAC more thoroughly. I changed the oil with Amsoil OE 5W30 and a WIX filter. I added two quarts to top up over the last 8,000kms. I'll be on the hunt shortly for a front steel bumper replacement that I'll sand and paint with underbody paint (black).
April 7th 2014
          I've managed to find a new R/T rim with a new Wrangler HP tire for $113 Canadian! I can finally toss my overly worn tire. As a rim was slightly bent a couple years ago (it couldn't be balanced), the rim is a nice addition as I have a working full size spare again. On the list of things to do now is to replace some vacuum lines and hopefully get rid of the PO505 code. I also noticed I need to get another bolt for the drivers side manifold flange (to the downpipe) as I am missing one....
February 1st 2014
          The PO505 code seems to go away in cold weather (-15C or lower). Now that it's mild, the code has returned and is sparrotic. Last week I had CAA replace my battery at my residence. I went to start the Durango Sunday morning and I couldn't even get power to the radio, interior light, or locks. At least the alternator is OK. Durango runs like a champ. Coolant loss has subsided and I need to replace a vac line going to the throttle body, as the vac line leak is getting annoying due to the air-sucking noise it produces. Mileage is getting worse, roughly 9-10mpg even with some highway driving thrown into the mix. I suspect the exhaust leak is helping the mileage numbers should my cat converter be plugged. Diagnosis soon!
January 4th 2014
          Another year on the road, another few problems arise. I'm adding 2-3oz of coolant every two weeks. My oil consumption has gone down, but the oil is jet black after 3400kms. I think there is one if not two problems going on. I observed that cylinder #7 spark plug was wet when I removed it back in July. I either have a bad valve seat, and/or require a head gasket on the drivers side of the engine. The P0505 code still comes and goes. If I drive the Durango for 10-15min the code comes back. For short trips the engine light stays off. If I drive for more than half an hour the code doesn't affect how the vehicle operates. In the city it would do a high idle from 1200-1500rpm with my foot off the gas. This allows me to cruise without any throttle input from myself up to 40mph. Braking is a bit skiddish, at least in the winter as I try to slow the vehicle down requiring more brake pedal as it wants to accelerate on its own. I've cleaned the throttle body again just for good measure. IAC and TPS sensors are replaced. Vac lines seem to be OK, but as it's -23C outside with a heavy wind it's hard to check. As soon as I get some warmer weather I'll change the engine oil at the very least, as that might be affecting my emissions giving me this P0505 code.
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